In our Canadian climate we spend approximately 6 months of the year inside our homes, our ideas for basement renovations may be just what you need.   If you have a family, renovating your basement makes a lot of sense.  It adds a ton of livable space to your home and can add value for resale.

Depending on your lifestyle and your family size, here are some ideas for renovating this space.

  1. Whatever you do in your basement adding a bathroom is our top tip. Climbing one or two sets of stairs to go to the bathroom doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially if you have young children.   We suggest making your bathroom a 3 piece; shower, toilet and sink.  Remember to add storage for towels and accessories.
  2. For active adults and teens a workout room might be a great choice. Add mirrors and lighting to brighten up your workout and help make this room look inviting and spacious.   Square foam tiles make a great flooring option because they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and can be laid directly on the concrete basement floor.   When they get old and worn they can easily be replaced.
  3. A great way to keep your teens and children in your house is to install a home theatre. What is better in the Canadian winter than family movie night.
  4. If you have young children, having a playroom is a fabulous idea. It keeps all the toys in one place and if you use portable style storage units, these can be removed when the children get older and the room gets re-imagined for a different purpose.
  5. Are you a hobbyist? A craft room or a workshop is often at the top of the list for many families.
  6. Many people work from home most or some of the time and a well-lit, functional office space(s) are much in demand. Would that work for you.
  7. Teen Bedroom. Yes, we know that teens like to have a lot of space to hang out away from the rest of the family and teens love hiding in the basement!   Remember if you are planning on a basement bedroom, make sure you have an egress window that is up to code.

No matter what kind of renovation you are thinking of doing in your basement, there are a few basic things to consider before you get started

Is your basement clean and dry?   If not, it’s important to discover what is causing the dampness and rectifying the moisture problems before we start.   This may be fixing the exterior of your basement walls or perhaps the grade level.   If you smell mold or have mildew or condensation in your basement, it is an indication you have a problem.  On the interior walls it may mean removing the existing insulation and drywall if you have any and starting from ground zero.

Basement toilets need to hook up to the main sewer line.  Drainage will be different for a below grade toilet than above grade because we all know when we flush the toilet everything runs downhill!   You could be looking at additional costs for plumbing a basement bathroom, but there is always a solution and we can discuss all the options with you before we get started.

Remember when finishing your basement, it must be to code, so that will include egress windows, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

You also want to have easy access to your furnace and hot water heater and any of your piping and ductwork.  You don’t want to have to rip down big sections of your ceiling to repair your pipes or ductwork.

If you are installing a fireplace, check out the codes for the type of fireplace or wood stove you are considering.  If you don’t install a wood stove correctly according to the WETT code, your insurance company will not cover you in case of fire.

Ideas for Basement Renovations

We hope these ideas for basement renovations will help you decide how to get started on your basement renovation project.  If you would like us to come in for a complimentary look at what you have and what you would like, give us a call at (289) 828-1605 or Contact us.

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