You can change your backyard into a garden oasis one project at a time!  Here are some ideas for you.

Fences and Gates

Start off with a nice fence and gate to create the privacy that will help change your backyard into a garden oasis.  A board and batten fence will look fabulous for years to come.  Your garden gate can make a dramatic entrance to your garden.  It doesn’t have to be boring or even permanent.

If you have a paved driveway at the side of your house for a trailer or an RV, we can make a double gate with a removable centre post.  The post can be removed anytime when you need to back your trailer/RV into its parking spot.

Steps and Landing Areas

If your home is multi-level with exterior doors at a higher level than your garden, we can create lovely stairs and landing areas that you can use for outdoor entertaining.  These steps and landing areas can be lovely to look at with great finishing touches.   Wood choices are abundant, so there is no limit to what we can do.  It all depends on what works for your outdoor space.  We are always open to discussing the various options with you.  Different options come at different price points and we are happy to quote you on several choices.

Storage Sheds

If you don’t have a garage a storage shed is a must for gardening tools, lawmower and hedge trimmer and garden furniture.  Even if you have a garage, a garden shed is still something to consider for extra storage to allow the garage to be used for your car(s).   Garden storage sheds can be designed to fit into your garden and not be the standard style that you can purchase from Home Depot, Canadian Tire or Lowes.

Pergolas and Gazebos and Trellises

Pergolas and gazebos can come in many different shapes and styles to fit your garden.   Big or small, they add great shade areas for outdoor entertaining.   A simple trellis will highlight your beautiful climbing shrubs, whether they are honeysuckle, roses, morning glories or even evergreens.  They also create a focal point around your patio area.   You tell us what you are imagining and we will create it for you.

Seating Areas and Outdoor Kitchens

There are lots of seating options for changing your backyard into an oasis.  If you have seen a magazine design of garden benches that you love for seating around the perimeter of your patio, we can build those for you.  If an outdoor kitchen is something that you are thinking about, we can suggest the best way to arrange your patio/pagoda to incorporate your outdoor kitchen area.  If you are looking for ideas, check out the Home Depot website.

We love working with clients to change their backyards into an oasis, so give us a call at (289) 828-1605 or contact us to help you get started.

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