A kitchen is the heart of the house and easily the most used space in the home.  The thought of a kitchen renovation if you have a family can be very stressful.  At D & R Home Improvements we know how that can feel.  Many of our clients feel the same way, so we’ve put together a check list to help you get ready for your kitchen makeover.

12 Top Tips for a Stress-free Kitchen Renovation

  1. Think of your kitchen renovation as a project that will carry you through the next ten years of your life in your house. Make a list of all the things that are important for you to have in this new design.  Sometimes the easiest way to approach this is talk about what you don’t like in your current kitchen layout.  Is it the work flow, do you need more counter space?   Sometimes the layout is ok but perhaps you want to have an overhang counter with seating to expand the eating area or just allow your friends/family to watch you cook?
  2. What is the style of the rest of your house? What would work best in a new kitchen design?
  3. Are you planning to stay in your house for a long time or a short time? Your choices of finishes can be dictated by whether you are planning to sell your house, or stay in it for many years to come.
  4. What colours attract you, the clean lines with white cabinets and cool paint colours or the warm earthy tones with wood?
  5. Flooring choices are so varied, there are endless choices, but it’s usually a great idea with flooring to determine what works best for your lifestyle and that depends on whether you have small children, pets or teenagers!

Once you have worked on the elements of design here are our top tips for getting ready for your big kitchen renovation date.

  1. Use this time to purge all the “stuff” you have accumulated in your kitchen but honestly don’t use. What about all the plastic containers scattered in your cupboards?  Clear out all the old lunchboxes and unused water bottles.  Pots and pans that are scratched and saucepans with loose handles or no lids, can they go?   And how many frypans do you really need?   What about your spices.   How long have you had them?  Should you go to the farmers market and replace them all with fresh ones?   Baking trays get really banged up after a few years, so it’s inexpensive to start with brand new one.
  2. After the big purge, next it’s time to pack up everything that will be staying in the new kitchen. Mark the box with the items inside so it is organized for the new location in your kitchen.
  3. Set up a temporary kitchen area somewhere else in your house. You will need access to water and hydro.  Essential items are refrigerator, dishwashing station, spots for your toaster oven, crockpot, and coffee maker.
  4. Have on hand paper plates and utensils to cut down on dishes.
  5. Now is time to pull out all the restaurant coupons or go on WagJag or Groupon to get deals to help you get through the next few weeks.
  6. Talk to your contractor about days/times that renovations will be taking place so you can organize meals around these times.
  7. Co-ordinate with your contractor the timing of new cabinets, counter tops and new appliances if they are part of your renovation project. All deliveries of materials will affect the time line of your project.

Is a kitchen renovation project on your list? Check out the Lowes site for ideas. Give us a call at (289) 828-1605 or contact us and we would be happy to give you our best quote for everything you need.

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